Visit the Research Data Centres

The DwB project organises five visit tours to Research Data Centres (RDCs) providing remote access to confidential microdata from official statistics. The RDCs are located in five European countries, and the visits will take place between March 2013 and March 2014. Through these visits, DwB aims to promote the transfer of knowledge, in view of contributing to the setting-up of a European distributed remote access network. The visits are directed to staff members in European statistical offices and data archives that have not implemented any RDC yet (in priority) and RDCs that would be interested in shifting to or implementing a remote access solution.


- Host RDCs & Timeline for Visits
- Content of Visits
- Cost Reimbursement
- Visitors' Expected Feedbacks

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Host Research Data Centres and Timeline for Visits

Please note that you must register to the staff visits (one or more) at least 1.5 month prior to the estimated date of the visit. Deadlines for registration are displayed below.

To facilitate your choice and to have a better overview of the solutions provided by each of these host RDCs, you may refer to this summary table or to our report on the state of play of current SC in Europe.

Except for the first visit, the dates of the visits are subject to the Host RDCs' availability. More information in that regard will be provided in due course. Meanwhile, you are suggested to contact for further details.

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Content of Visits

- historical background of the remote access implementation
- national Legal framework
- strategic, technical and organizational directions taken
- output checking and documentation processes
- investment and maintenance costs, fees for researchers
- benefits and drawbacks of the solution
- feedback from users
- demonstrations of the remote access solutions in operation

Each round of visits will be limited to three institutions and two persons per institution.

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Cost Reimbursement

The visitors will be invited and hosted for 2 days in the premises of the host installations. The DwB project will refund the travel and accommodation expenses upon receipt or documentary evidence that the costs were actually incurred (upper-reimbursement limits may apply).

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Feedback Expected from Visitors

The participants will be asked to evaluate the visit by filling in a questionnaire one month after their visit. They will also be expected to report back the actions taken in their home institution concerning a remote access system one year after their visit.


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