First DwB European Data Access Forum


Dates: 27 & 28 March 2012
Location: Jean Monnet building, Luxembourg
Programme: download here
Slideshows & Audio files: available here (pdf, ppt & mp3 formats)
Practical Documents: see below


The 1st European Data Access Forum was held on 27 and 28 March 2012 in Luxembourg. It was organized within the context of the FP7 Data without Boundaries project which aim is to enhance transnational access for the researchers to government microdata within Europe through collaboration between producers of government data and data archives. The barriers the project addresses are those in resource discovery, metadata standards, researcher accreditation, legal frameworks, and use of research data centres for confidential microdata.

The European Data Access Forum organized within this context provided a unique opportunity for Data Archives, National statistical offices, other members of the European statistical system and the Research community to work together and find acceptable solutions to overcome the barriers to research using government data, both national and European, in the ERA. The ambition of the Forum was to gather the different communities in equal proportion, also involving in the discussions other important stakeholders such as the national data protection commissioners and research funding councils.

Through a series of presentations, business cases, working sessions and roundtables, the 1st European Data Access Forum focussed mainly on the legal frameworks and the research accreditation process for access to national microdata across boundaries. It was also the opportunity to share information in the context of the ongoing revision of the European Commission Regulation (EC) N°831/2002 concerning access to European microdata.

Posters, demos and workshops also offered the possibility to cover more broadly other important issues such as technical and methodological issues about remote access for confidential microdata and metadata standards. They also gave the opportunity for participants to provide information about their organisation and projects, making this event a European Forum for data producers, data providers and data users.

The final version of the programme can be downloaded here.

Practical information, maps and direction can be found here.

All available slideshows are downloadable here, either in pdf format or in MS Powerpoint (ppt) format.

To download the corresponding audio files (mp3 format): right click on the weblink and select "save target as".

- EDAF Registration Form [CLOSED]
- EDAF Indicative Programme
- Working Sessions Abstracts
- Practical Details

Available Presentations:
DAY 1:
- Welcome & Introduction [PDF] [PPT] [Audio]
- Session A [PDF], Audio: [Presentation] [Q&A]
- Session B [PDF], Audio: [Presentation] [Q&A]
- Session C [PDF] [PPT] [Audio]
- Working Sessions (in parallel):

> Session D1 [Audio]
> Session D2 [PDF] [PPT] [Audio]
> Session D3 [PDF] [PPT] [Audio]

- Session E: Feedback on Working Sessions [PDF] [PPT]

> Feedbacks on D1, Audio: [Presentation] [Q&A]
> Feedbacks on D2, Audio: [Presentation] [Q&A]
> Feedbacks on D3, Audio: [Presentation] [Q&A]

- Session F [PDF] [PPT], Audio: [Presentation] [Q&A]

DAY 2: Introduction [Audio]
- Session H [PDF] [PPT] [Audio]
- Session I:

> Denmark [PDF] [PPT], Audio: [Presentation] [Q&A]
> Estonia [PDF] [PPT], Audio: [Presentation] [Q&A]
> Portugal [PDF] [PPT] [Audio]

- Session J [PDF] [PPT], Audio: [Presentation] [Q&A]
- Session K:

> Essnet DARA [PDF] [PPT] [Audio]
> Transnational Access [PDF] [PPT] [Audio]
> Building Pilot for Remote Access [PDF] [PPT] [Audio]

- Session L: Roundtable

> Introduction [Audio]
> D. Huschka, GDF [Audio]
> T. Desai, LSE PDF] [PPT] [Audio]
> P. Jackson, ONS [Audio]
> B. Majcen, IER [Audio]
> H. J. Marker, SND, [PDF] [PPT] [Audio]
> Questions & Answers [Audio]


- Session M [PDF] [PTT], Audio: [Presentation] [Q&A]
- Session N

> Bank of Italy [Zip] [PDF] [PPT] [Audio]
> RDC in RDC Approach  [PDF] [PPT], Audio: [Presentation] [Q&A]
> Luxembourg Income Study [PDF], Audio: [Presentation] [Q&A]
> The OECD Perspective [PDF] [PPT]

- Closure of EDAF & Acknowledgements [Audio]


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