Frequently Asked Questions

You will find below a list of the most frequently asked questions from applying users. Should you not find the answer to your enquiry, please contact


Q1: Does the requirement that “academic researchers [be] within the European Union, the European Free Trade Association or Associated Countries” mean that they have EU citizenship or that they work at an institution in the EU?

A1: This requirement does not concern citizenship. As long as the user group leader and the majority of the users work in an institution established in a EU Member State or Associated State, they are eligible (see below). E.g. Europeans who are working in the US are not eligible to the call. Conversely, American citizens who are working in an institution established in a EU member state or Associated State would be eligible.

According to the FP7 regulations, to be eligible to benefit from access to the infrastructure under the grant agreement, a user group must satisfy the following two conditions:

a) the user group leader and the majority of the users must work in an institution established in a Member State or Associated State (see the list below);
b) the user group leader and the majority of the users must work in a country other than the country(ies) where the legal entity(ies) operating the infrastructure is(are) established.

Q2: Are people from non European countries eligible for Transnational Access under DwB?

A2: If the researchers are (currently) working in the EU (or Associated Country) and are affiliated to a EU (or Associated Country) research institution or university, they are eligible no matter their citizenship (see Q1 above and Q3 below).

Q3: Are researchers from EU-candidate countries (Croatia, Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey) allowed to participate?

A3: Yes

Q4: What do you mean by "Associated Country"?

A4: Associated States are the following: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey.

Q5: I work in Germany. Can I apply for accessing German microdata within the framework of this call?

A5: No, you cannot, considering the "Eligibility Criteria" of this call.  Yet if your project involves comparative research in two or more countries (incl. your own country), e.g. France and Germany, you are eligible to apply. However, no specific support will be given for access to your country's microdata.The same applies to French, Dutch or UK users who may want to access microdata from France, The Netherlands or the UK respectively.

Q6: What costs will be reimbursed and what is the upper limit?

A6: As a general guideline, researchers can claim back up to 600 euros for travel and up to 150 euros per day for subsistence.  Refunds will be based on real costs and will require receipts.  More details can be found at Access days, support and costs.


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