Access days, support and costs

As a general guideline, researchers can claim back approximately 600 euros for travel and 150 euros per day for subsistence for onsite visits.  Refunds will be based on real costs and require receipts. Note that the DwB project end-date is April 30th 2015 and any expenses being claimed must have been spent before this date.

Successful applicants will be contacted by the relevant RDCs to discuss and set visit durations and refund limits and to determine what can be claimed under subsistence fees (as this may differ according to the administrative rules of the host RDC).  It may be possible for a researcher to extend the duration of their visit beyond the agreed-upon limits but this may need to be self-funded.
Costs include travel and subsistence, access to the RDC (including access fees where relevant) and the following support:

  • Assistance with national accreditation (incl. translation services, see next item below)
  • Translation (into English only; e.g. files, forms, documentation)
  • Data information, documentation & identification
  • Training in the use of the RDC's facilities for accessing microdata
  • Technical support (provision of software tools, etc.)
  • Logistical support (hotel accommodation, public transport, etc.)
  • Using the data (no advice on software usage or on the research will be provided)
  • Output checking

Please note that any other type of additional support may need to be self-funded.

As far as possible, DwB will also cover the travel & subsistence costs related to accreditation, intake session, training or enrolment of selected users, even for users' projects which have been granted remote access to the data. Such practicalities should be discussed and agreed upon by the selected researchers and the relevant RDCs before the research project begins.

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